About Us

BeeBliss Network Pvt. Ltd. (BBN)

Is a business community organization specifically designed to help small to medium sized businesses. The BeeBliss recognizes that most business owners face challenges in running and growing their companies due to insufficient knowledge of market & way of marketing. By bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs who wish to take advantage of the many benefits offered by an organized business community, the BeeBliss offers a unique opportunity to tie-together with the businesses and end customers as well. We have broken traditional method of business networking. Our network consists of complete family. From Kids to Senior citizen all can be a member of our network. This creates each level of customer for every business.

BeeBliss has consolidated best practice methodologies for delivering value to businesses. Our Digital platforms facilitates the sale of goods through our network of businesses and their employees. Furthermore, B2B/B2C leads and referrals are generated through the BeeBliss. Our network encompasses the broader marketplace so commerce is not limited to transactions between members only. We have huge connect with the marketplace through our technology platforms.

We are transforming the way of traditional business in the modern way of business by using new technology, trends, etc. To grow your business, you will have to invest in marketing. Marketing is the nutritional food for your business. If you are not feeding this food to your business in an appropriate manner, your business will get sick. We are providing guidance as well as opportunity to businesses of so as they can reach to the peak point of success.

Providing our members with cutting edge information about new business strategies is also part of the BeeBliss. Members learn from both one another through the formal communications. In addition, the BeeBliss provides members the opportunity to promote their business on our own platform in the form of advertisement or in blogs.

Benefits of Being a BeeBliss Member

• B2B/B2C Commerce
• Access to Business Owners / Decision Makers
• Startups guidance and Support
• Business Coach and Experts
• Guidance on market making and marketing
• Get Leads / Warm Referrals
• Virtual presence strategies
• Share Resources
• Solve Problems / Exchange Ideas
• Brand Building and Brand Promotion Strategies

Four Pillars of BBN

I. Business Community
II. Digital Technology
III. Protocols and Professionalism
IV. Value Delivering


the Journey - eMagazine

We, BeeBliss Network Pvt. Ltd. run a quarterly magazine named “the Journey” containing various defined categories. Every edition comes with a new sector like Business, Corporate, IT, Health, Fashion, and etc. Our registered members have special benefits to accommodate their coverage in the magazine in a cost-effective way.

Coffee Flavours - Talk Show

A talk-chat show where business representatives / entrepreneurs / artist / professionals are invited to participate in the pro-scripted discussion for the purpose of brand building and brand promotion.

Community Building Portal

We provide a dynamic portal www.beebliss.in to all for interaction by inviting and adding them to the BeeBliss Community via our online web portal & social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, and etc.