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COMMISSIONER GENERAL. GRAND MASTER, HIS EXCELLENCY, PROF. DR. MIKKI KOOMAR has been recently appointed as the International Chief General Commissioner at National Institute of Scientific Police from Colombia and International Ambassador to the Prince Thanora Humanitarian Association conferred by His Royal Highness Prince Norodom Thanora. The Prince also is the Ambassador to the Royal Secretarial of His Majesty the King Norodom Sihamoni – The Royal House of Cambodia. Dr. Mikki Koomar is the most influential International celebrity, who has fraternized with the esteemed Royal Houses, Corporate Companies, Arts, Cultural and Sports Associations, Humanitarian Organizations, Chamber of Commences, and several other renowned business communities. In addition to the above mentioned accolades, Dr. Koomar proudly represents India in more than 100 countries worldwide. He is soaring high as an International Celebrity and emerging as an astounding Business Tycoon on the Global platform.

Dr. Mikki Koomar is the proud holder of many International Awards and has been appreciated and acknowledged by the esteemed Royalties on several occasions.  He is in addition the chairman and the Managing Director of the Xtreme Entertainment Production Private Limited and the Founder and International President of the United Nexus Organization.  He is also the official director of SPMUDA International Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Cultural Ambassador of the Royal House of Baloi in the Philippines.  Recently, he has been appointed as the International Governor of the Boracay Beach Inc. Group of Companies.

Dr. Mikki Koomar is also recognized as an International model, Brand ambassador, Athlete, Dance performer, Actor, Businessman in Paris, Italy, Argentina, Germany, Bangkok, Brazil, USA.  He has felicitated as GLOBAL PEACE AMBASSADOR conferred by THE DIPLOMATIC MISSION GLOBAL PEACE INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION with UNITED NATIONS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS SG and WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and felicitated as WORLD PEACE AMBASSADOR and WORLD AMBASSADOR for India's biggest community WOCKHARDT FOUNDATION.  He has been appointed as PEACE AMBASSADOR conferred by world’s one of the biggest ORGANIZATION called SPMUDA INTERNATIONAL FOR PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT, and CULTURAL AMBASSADOR for THE ROYAL HOUSE OF BALOI and appointed as a DIRECTOR at SPMUDA INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY, INC –Philippines.

Mikki Koomar is an international martial artist and state-level boxer.  He has completed 1ST DAN BLACK BELT training in SHOTOKAN KARATE DO-INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION – JAPAN and 3RD DAN BLACK BELT in KOREAN TAEKWONDO ARTS from KUKKIWON INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS – KOREA and he worked as a fighter in underground fight club in Bangkok.  He was working as a dance choreographer and lead dancer for national and international dance shows in freestyle Bollywood and western hip-hop genre.

And those things motivated him to do more things in dance and fitness, and also he was looking for some modeling career as well, so he participated in Indian male model competition that was organized by international fashion designers.  He won the competition and earned the title of INDIAN MALE MODEL 2013.  After winning the Indian male model competition, he has got invited at India's biggest fashion event called LAKME FASHION WEEK.  After that he was offered for brand ambassadorship by German and African fashion designers to collaborate with their brands and he became the brand ambassador for German and African brand.

When he was completing his acting diploma from International Actor Anupam Kher’s actor prepares, during that time he had a wonderful professional photoshoot as a model with Bollywood legend celebrity photographer and film director Mr. Jayesh Sheth.’’  After that in 2015, he got another sportswear brand from United States called “Power Thread.”  In 2016, he moved to Brazil for some international film collaboration as an actor and producer.  In 2017 he got an official invitation for Argentina Fashion Week and during that trip, he learned tango dance in Buenos Aires.  He is a certified tango dancer from Argentina.  He got selected for CMG PARIS FASHION WEEK as an INTERNATIONAL MODEL AND PROMINENT FIGURE.  He had an official international photoshoot in Paris for American brand ‘Cupani Fashion’.  After that, he got published in the United States of America's Fashion Magazine called “AMAZING.”

Mikki Koomar is appointed as a brand ambassador for French brand called Royal Roadster and he had a wonderful international photoshoot in Paris.  He got an official invitation from Italy to attend Rome International Film Festival and work there in theatre play.  He had an interview in Saudi Arabia with one of the biggest media of the Middle East called ALQUDS, ALWATAN VOICE, ALFAJER TV, AKHBARON, AKHBARAK, WATANA NEWS, PNN NEWS, and 100.8FM.  Now he is getting affiliated with twenty international brands around the world, from the year of 2018 to 2028.  He had wonderful collaborations with 10 American brands such as Cupani Fashion, Power Thread, Fadalla Collection, one German brand “N2L” and one French brand “Royal Roadster,” one of the American news channels called channel ATV, another one is USA based men’s Jewellery brand called Saima Chaudhry, and one Italian brand, and two Brazilian brands.

Mikki Koomar is appointed as a GOODWILL AMBASSADOR Conferred by VIVEKANAND WORLD PEACE FOUNDATION (Approved by United Nations and the Ministry of Corporate  affairs, Government of India.) He has been felicitated with India’s prestigious and former Prime Minister Award called Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award from official Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and Indian Achievers Award as an International Youth Icon Of India conferred by Member of Parliament and Delhi BJP President Mr. Manoj Tiwari at the Constitution Club of India and he becomes the official INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ICON OF INDIA.  He has been selected for former President Award called BHARAT RATNA APJ ABDUL KALAM AWARD 2020.

Mikki Koomar was honored with Brand Ambassador Award at Newsome Lupus Pageant and award in Houston, Texas (United States Of America), and INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ICON AWARD from Gibson Lupus Arc In United States Of America.  He became cover page personality for American Fashion Magazine called ‘AMAZING’ and UAE Fashion Magazine called “DEAN.”


In 2020, Mikki Koomar on the cover page personality for ENTREPRENEUR PLATFORM magazine - USA. Mikki Koomar has been felicitated as International Ambassador and representative for IMPERIAL HOUSE OF AL-MADANI, HRM Queen Elham Madani. He has been appointed as a General Secretary of India for Italian Organization. TRIPLA DIFESA ONLUS INTERNATIONAL. NO VIOLENCE DIPLOMATIC MISSION CRIMINAL JUSTICE COMMISSION HUMAN RIGHTS FROM ITALY.

Mikki Koomar has been felicitated with honorary member for Russian Organization “WORLD UNIVERSAL HAPKIDO” Conferred by Honorary World Ambassador, Professor, Doctor, and Deputy Head of the sports Committee of Russia, official partner of UN. EU. NATO, Grand Master, and Founder and President of WORLD UNIVERSAL HAPKIDO, Mr. JAMIL IZZATOV, PhD from Russia. Mikki Koomar was on the Cover page for American Fashion Magazine called PROLIFIC QUARTERLY and got featured on PROLIFIC QUARTERLY International Fashion Magazine for Digital advertising in America.


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