Rising star Yajur Marwah is stepping ladder to enter in the Bollywood.

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Yajur Marwah is a nephew of Kapil Sharma show comedy actor Krushna Abhishek. His acting career started from the music album with Nakash Aziz by the name of 'Taxi Main Ghuma Doon' on 1 January 2021, and then his other album sung by Javeed Ali and directed by Aaina Gupta by the name of 'Dil Ka Aaina' is releasing soon. He is working in a number of web series which are about to come, with a number of albums and a number of good movies too having multi-stars in them. He has already shot three movies, one of them is with a well-known director - Rajiv Rohia. He has featured in a web series with director & producer - Prabhat Tiwari and Lalit Singhania.

His milestone project is a very interesting movie, which is based on biopic of a cricketer, who is the captain of Jammu and Kashmir's state-para team.

This movie in short is of a 26-year-old, who bowls a delivery using feet and bats by using his chin and neck. If you don't know you can search him on the internet or wait for the movie because Yajur is playing this biopic character. For giving his best and realistic character throw he has learnt Kashmiri language, even the dialect, because the movie has been shot in two languages, i.e. in Hindi and Kashmiri.

As an actor Yajur has to maintain his daily routine very strictly in line. He plans his day when he wakes up early in the morning. Being an actor Yajur has very well-planned diet and workout schedule. Also, he has various other physical activity interests such as martial arts, dance, and etc. In fact dance is his passion and he is very good at it.

Everyone has different background for their stories. Every life journey has impact of their upbringing and community. Let’s go back to his childhood. Yajur has exclusively shared with us about his childhood memories, “In my family everyone was more into studies, but I was always into sports more than studies, and I guess that's why I got inclined to acting. Acting requires a lot of physical fitness. I used to play volleyball as well as basketball, and even used to play a lot of indoor games." He is a state level Chess player.

Yajur’s schooling has been done at Mount Carmel School in Delhi. It's a Co-Ed Christian School having very strict and disciplined environment, which became the key factor for his personality development. Life’s most important habit he has learnt from his schooling is punctuality, which is the most important factor in the entertainment industry. He is an architect, has done his college from Vastu Kala Academy College of Architecture, New Delhi.

What was your first career option?

"My first career option was architecture, because my most of the family members are either into construction, architecture, or medical (doctor). Some of my family members are actors and writers in the Bollywood industry. Such as my brother is a well-known comedian, Krushna Abhishek, sister Mallika Dutt she is a well-known writer who writes the screenplays. So yeah, it's me who has not gone into medical field, because I really didn't want to study so much. I took architecture mainly because I am good in drawing and creativity, so yes architecture was my first career preference."

Yajur has shot many movies, which are releasing shortly. One of his movie which is mentioned above is with director Vinay Sharma. This movie is based on politics and Yajur is playing a South Indian Bihari character in it. He selects movies based on the character offered and till now his characters have always been with a variety of shades.

As per Yajur’s opinion every actor should have talent and training, which are the keys to build your talent. Despite of the fact that Yajur has started his career very recently, he is very well aware about the character reviews. Mostly all of his negative reviews come from his own family members. He is taking those reviews in a positive way, because he feels that they are really concerned about him and are like a genuine audience for the reviews. They want him to be grounded and not to be on cloud nine, as some of his family members are in the Bollywood industry from past many years and know it better.

Yajur is a trained actor and he is taking efforts to stand on his feet in the industry. He has studied professional theatre, natyashastra, literature, soft-skills and many more. There are physical challenges too in this field, and he tries his best to be mentally strong enough, for which he is practicing a lot of meditation.

Yajur is not so sure about his choice for dream female co-star to work with, but for sure he is a big fan of Salman Khan and dreams to work with him one day.

Yajur’s message for the new comers is “For all the people who are trying in this field, I think so there is no specific book that you can read and become successful. Everyone has to figure out their own ways. Every journey is different which no one can specify, but I would just tell them that work hard, be patient, and have faith in yourself”

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