(NAPS) National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme: Registration & Status.

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Apprenticeship is a kind of training that is provided to a worker so that he or she can become skilled in a particular job. In order to increase the apprenticeship training, the Government of India has launched a National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme. Through this article, we are going to give you complete information regarding the scheme like what is national apprenticeship promotion scheme? its objective, benefits, features, eligibility criteria, required documents, application procedure, etc. So if you want to get every single detail regarding the NAPS then you have to read this article very carefully till the end.

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)

By realizing the need for apprenticeship training the Government of India has launched a National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme in order to boost apprenticeship training. Under this scheme, the government is going to share the cost of training with the establishments under apprenticeship programs so apprenticeship training can be boosted. The cost of basic training with basic training providers will be shared by the government. This basic training cost will be limited to Rs 7500 for a period of 500 hours/3 months. Under the scheme, 25% of the prescribed stipend up to a maximum limit of 1500 per month per apprentice will be shared by the government with the employers.

It has to be noted that the stipend support under the NAPS would not be given during the basic training period for fresher apprentices. Under this scheme, all the categories of apprentices who are not covered under the scheme will be covered.

About Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is a type of training that is provided to the manpower in order to enhance their skills. This training will be provided in the industry by utilizing the facilities that are available in the industries. Under apprenticeship, basic training and on the job training are provided. The Government of India has launched the Apprenticeship act, 1961 for promoting apprenticeship training. The ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship is responsible for the implementation of this act. With the help of apprenticeship training, efficient and skilled manpower will develop with the help of training facilities available in establishments. With the help of this program, no extra burden require to set up training infrastructure. All those people who undergo apprenticeship training can easily adapt to the industrial environment.

Rs 3000 Crores Allocated For Apprenticeship Training

In order to promote employment in the country, the government is focusing on apprenticeship training. For this purpose, the government is launching various kinds of schemes. In 2016 the Government of India launched a National apprenticeship promotion scheme. Through this scheme, apprenticeship training is promoted by the government so that an employee can become skilled in a particular job. On 1st February 2021, the finance minister of our country Nirmala sitharaman announced the union budget for the year 2021-22.

* In this budget, the government has proposed to amend the apprenticeship act. So that apprenticeship opportunities for the youth can be enhanced. The government has allocated Rs 3000 crores in order to promote apprenticeship training.

* Apart from that, the government has established a partnership with the United Arab Emirates in order to develop skill, qualification, assessment and certification to employees. With the help of this partnership, certified workforce will be deployed.

* The government has also started a collaborative training inter training program between India and Japan in order to provide training to employees. This initiative will be taken forward with many more countries.

Categories Of Apprentices

Apprentices have five types of categories which are as follows:-

* Trade apprentice

* Graduate apprentices

* Technician apprentices

* Vocational apprentices

* Optional trade apprentices

Types Of Apprenticeship Training

Basic training: Basic training is a kind of training that is provided to those persons who have not taken any kind of training before taking up on the job training. Under the National apprenticeship promotion scheme the cost of basic training up to Rs 7500 is shared by the government so that training can be promoted.

On the job training: On the job training or practical training is a kind of training that is provided in the establishments. It is generally provided by the establishment itself. Under on the job training practical exposure is given to the applicant so that he or she can perform their task perfectly. The training cost under the on the job training is also shared by the government up to a certain limit so that training can be promoted.

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