Bamboo artisans will help and employ during Pandemic

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In Maharashtra, the lock-down has badly hit 9 lakh families working on bamboo (bamboo). According to an estimate, it can be more than 64 billion rupees. These artist are struggling for their existence from last fourteen months. In this situation too, Meenakshi Mukesh Walke, eminent Bamboo craftsman, awardee designer and social worker of Maharashtra has not only talked about giving employment to poor and downtrodden but has also offered to provide relief funds to the Central and State Government to handle the pandemic. Meenakshi Walke is the founder of the convergent innovative social enterprise and has been doing social work for the last three years by providing education to the deprived sections, slum girls and women for free.

Meenakshi, who is nationally and internationally famous, herself lives in a slum. Her social enterprise has received the Best Start-up award and she has also received several prestigious awards. she is credited with popularizing bamboo sticks across the country. Such a great loss..... Bamboo artisan-families have lost about 90 lakh rupees where Meenakshi lives. Meenakshi has her own loss in millions. As many as 30,000 families in Vidarbha including Nagpur and around; 9 lakh bamboo artisans in Maharashtra have been marginalized from the lock-down. Bamboo area of ​Maharashtra is in loss of billions of rupees. Administration hasn’t take the cognizance and did not apply any remedies to sort out the employment problems. Meenakshi said that she has not given up. Therefore, to help the relief fund to deal with the Corona situation, she has taken the initiative to provide employment to the needy. I am going to take public awareness meetings, workshops and camps all over the country to promote Bamboo cultivation, cultivation and artwork. Along with this, an organization of bamboo workers will also be formed.

 What is Employment and Cooperation plan?

Meenakshi's Bamboo Shalaka Rakhi is famous all over the country. This Rakhi making free training and Rakhi for business will be made easily available to everyone. Right now, in the month of August, the business of crores of Rakhi will be done in the country. Unfortunately from last two years this business is also hampered. In which many women are involved. Not only this, training and items will also be helped from time to time. This will provide employment on a large scale. Minakshi wants to contribute in corona relief funds.... Meenakshi says that so far no one has helped the bamboo artisans. But the country is struggling with Corona. Help is coming from abroad. In such a situation, when you provide employment on a large scale on Raksha Bandhan, then a huge amount will also be raised. Out of this, a large and remarkable amount will be given to the Central and State Government in Relief Fund.

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